Bertus Rozemeijer Guidings.

Let me be your guide.


Where do we fish?

We have some great lakes in my homeland Holland, especially in the South West where some large beautiful lakes can be found. I have now fished the Volkerak, Hollands Diep and Haringvliet for a great many years. 

Het Volkerak is over 4,500 hectares, and over 17 square miles in size! It used to have a great reputation as a zander water, but as things changed and it became a very clear lake, the numbers of zander declined, and although you can still catch reasonable numbers of zander, and the quality of the fish is amazing, it is not quite as good as it used to be. Het Volkerak is also famous for it's large Perch, and fish over 4lb are far from uncommon. The Volkerak is also a great pike water, where huge pike of over 40lb can be caught. 

Hollands Diep is again a very large body of water, equalling the Volkerak in size. This is a typical zander water, but big perch can also be caught while vertical fishing for the zander. The pike fishing here can also be great, with big fish turning up frequently to all of the different techniques used by today's pike anglers. 

The Haringvliet is also a large lake, at over 400 hectares in size, and connected to the Hollands Diep. The angling possibilities here are endless, with quality zander, big perch, pike and asp all available. 

One of the great things about these lakes is we can practise all kinds of fishing techniques, the Volkerak is the place to be for jerk-baiting, fly-fishing, and casting spinners in an environment which has good weed growth, wherein the predators lurk. 


 My offer.                                                                                                                                  Everyone is welcome to fish these lakes with me, you can come on your own, or in the company of a fishing friend. However, I do have a maximum of two anglers in the boat at any time to ensure quality fishing for you and your friend. The costs for a day fishing is always the cost of the boat, meaning it is the same price for one or two anglers. The only extra cost might be the angling license. 

Het Volkerak, Hollands Diep and Haringvliet are too far from my own home to fish for just a day, so guiding is therefore consists of a two day trip, with a night in a holiday bungalow at a lovely place called Oude Tonge.     

Two day plan.                                                                                                                            We meet at 07.30am and head straight for the chosen water. During the summer months we fish until around 15.00pm, then collect the key for the house and take a short break. After that we can go out fishing again until the evening. The next day we hit the water at first light after emptying the house and fish to around 15.00pm in the afternoon. Many anglers decide to fish for more than two days, as it is possible for you to book up to a maximum of seven days, meaning six nights in the bungalow. 

Schedule of the fishing days.                                                                                                                                           You now know what a two days trip will look like, but if you still want more fishing time, this is what the seasonal program looks like:        June, July, August, we fish from 05.00am to 12.00pm, take short break then fish from 12.30pm until 16.30pm before a break for lunch and a little rest, then we fish a short evening session from 17.30pm to 20.00pm. On the last day of the trip we clean and move out of the bungalow and fish to 15.00pm in the afternoon. 

In September and October we fish from 06.00pm until 18.00pm, and from November to March from sunrise to sunset. 

So what are the costs? The fishing and the house we share from June to end march costs €400,00 per day, with a maximum of two people.  

Please note!  The Volkerak, Hollands Diep and Haringvliet are big bodies of water and can sometimes be too windy for any boat fishing. Anything over 5 BF, or 17 miles per hour, and fishing is not wise, so we have to improvise and fish on a different set of lakes:                                                                                              

The Veluwe Randmeren.                                                                                                                                                                     This is a chain of lakes with a total length of 70 kilometres, the area offering numerous options for staying in hotels, apartments, or camp sites, and I can help you out with recommendations. As big as this area of water is, there are a number of launching areas with boat ramps. The first is at a place called

Elburg at the Flevoweg nr 1. From here we can fish the Drontermeer, which is eleven km long, or the Veluwemeer which is eighteen km long. The Drontermeer is nicely sheltered most of the time, and offers nice zander and of course pike. At the Veluwemeer, there are less zander, but the pike fishing can be fabulous, with fish over 120cm long frequently caught. 

The second place is: The Erkemederweg 79 at Zeewolde, from where we fish the Nuldernauw, Wolderwijd, Nijkerkernauw and Eemmeer. All in all so much water, which would take months to fish it all. All these spots have good zander and although there are not large numbers of fish, their size is often good. Pike is the number one fish here, and big fish are coming frequently to the boat.

The Nijkerkernauw and Eemmeer are very clear, and therefore great for big perch, along with some great pike and zander fishing. And last but by know means least the Gooimeer, which is a mere 2800 hectare in size, so a huge lake again. We start at the Gooimeerdijk-West at Almere, where you find a huge boat ramp. This water once had a great reputation for its zander, but due to very clear water, the days of big numbers are gone. It now has developed to a great water for perch and very large pike. So, he who dares? 

A guided day fishing on the Veluwe Randmeren can be taken on a single day basis, and we fish from 07.30am to 16.30pm, giving you roughly nine hours to fish with me.


A full day fishing, starting at Elburg or Zeewolde costs €300,00. Starting point at the Gooimeer, Gooimeerdijk-west costs €300,00, both prices are the boat price, which is the same for one or two anglers. Licenses cost €35,00, which is not included.                            

A few rules.                                                   My guiding is based on a ‘catch & release’ basis only, meaning every fish that gets caught, is released safely. Many rate me highly as a photographer, and rest assured you will get some great pictures of the fish you have caught.  

There are also some strict rules for boat owners, and this is something I have to adhere to on the waters that we fish. Bad visibility, with sight less than 1000 meters, means a sports boat is not allowed to be on the water! There are no specific rules regarding the wind, but I do not go out if there is a wind over 40 kmh. To do so on the big lakes like Volkerak, Haringvliet etc would simply be irresponsible. Sure enough we will always look for an alternative, and if a days fishing is not possible during a longer trip, we share the costs. 


Tackle.                                             On a few occasions I have found that visitors rods, reels and lines are not adequate for the techniques employed. I can help you out with rods, reels and lines when needed, and I reserve the right to allow visitors tackle onto the boat. Smoking in the boat is OK by me, but I do have a problem with the use of alcohol in the boat, as the use of alcohol can jeopardise yourself, or others on the boat.